Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wash Day

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Wash Day: 6/25/14 

This wash day was well needed because my hair was a complete mess and needed some attention. About a week ago, I decided to do a twist out since it’s something new. I kept up with it until I got really sick and didn’t want to do anything.

Bad choice of the year.

My hair was really dry so I decided to have a wash day. In these pictures, I am 100% texlaxed due to the big hair trim.

[1] I pre-pooed using an oil mix of simplicity oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil. I warmed it up then applied it to my scalp and hair then kept it on overnight. In the morning, my scalp was itching something crazy so I immediately washed it out with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo. I am a firm believer of using a pre-poo because my hair did not feel stripped at all. Just soft and clean.
[2] For my deep conditioner, I used Aunt Jackie’s In Control Moisturizing Conditioner. I watched Megan from ulovemegz and Whitney from prettywitty77 on YouTube talking good statements about this product. Although I know it may not work well on my hair, I purchased it from Dollar General to try it out. Once I applied it, it made my hair feel very sticky. Once I finished applying it all, I deep conditioned with heat using Laila Ali Conditioning Cap. After an hour, it changed my mind. My hair was really soft and this product really defined my curls, especially my edges.
[3] I rinsed the conditioner out with cold water and detangled in the shower. I lost a lot of hair since I haven’t detangled in 2 weeks.
[4] I usually do not like to air dry because my hair had too many tangles and would shrink badly. Many people would ask me if I’m natural. But, I found a way that might cause me to leave my blow dryer alone for good. After 4 hours, I added my leave-ins, sealed with coconut oil and detangled.
[5] My hairstyle was a ponytail.

Overall, I think that this wash day went really well because it was really different than my previous wash days before. I’m actually starting to like air drying since its low manipulation and my arms will not be tired for a while. Although, it takes a while for my hair to dry, it so much better than using a blow dryer because my hair gets chronically dry throughout the week. I also love this Aunt Jackie’s Moisturizing Conditioner.

How was your recent wash day? Have you tried Aunt Jackie’s hair line?
The Wash Day Experience

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