Saturday, July 26, 2014

Product Review: Laila Ali Conditioning Cap

Price: $30
Purchased At: Wal-Mart

I bought this product on my birthday (April 12) and I was really excited to have it because I never deep conditioned with heat ever. I decided to wait a while before giving a review on this conditioning cap because I wanted to determine if I would get the same results each time I used it.

Promises: “Helps condition and restore dry or damaged hair in just 20 minutes”
-          Penetrating heat technology helps activate deep conditioners and henna treatments to restore damaged hair, leaving it soft and manageable.”

My Assessment: Whether in the process of doing a pre-poo or deep conditioning treatment, this conditioning cap is always by my side. What I do like about this conditioning cap is that the cord is long so that I can chill out on the bed and relax. It also has 3 heat settings which is Low•Medium•High. I honestly keep it only on the high setting. It gets really hot quick but cools off so that it doesn’t burn you.

Some things that I do not like about this conditioning cap is that it will not fit on my head all the way. Due to that cord in the back of the cap, it pushes away from the nape area so
sometimes it makes me feel as if my nape area is not getting the attention that it needs. I also want to mention that when I first used it, I thought that it wasn't working correctly because it got hot pretty quickly but it cooled off and I thought that it wasn't working properly or if I my hair wasn't going to be deep conditioned the way that I wanted it to be.
My results are phenomenal! Each time that I use this conditioning cap, I get amazing results. I apply the conditioner or oil on dry to damp hair. For my pre-poo, I leave it on for 30 minutes and for my deep conditioner, I leave it on for an hour. Once I take the cap off, my hair is nice and warm but my hair is very moisturized, soft, manageable and J U I C Y. But do not get me started on the slip. So this conditioning cap is defiantly a plus.

I will defiantly recommend this conditioning cap to others because it makes my hair feel really good.

Will I buy more of Laila Ali’s Products? Maybe but only time will tell due to school. I really have my eye on her over-head dry that is $80 but guess who can’t it now? Me!


But I will constantly use this product/conditioning cap until it dies on me.

Disclosure: I was not sent this product nor I wasn’t asked to give this review. I purchased this product with my own money. This review is my honest opinion.

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