Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mark of a New Hair Journey

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New Hair Journey?

Yes, I’m starting a new hair journey because there were so many things going on and I just wanted to start all over. My full year was going to be on July 13 but I felt as if it wasn’t a really good year for me so why not start all over?

If you’re thinking about beginning a hair journey, here is a simple definition of what a hair journey is all about. A hair journey is making the decision to start taking care of your tresses the right way from heat abuse or neglecting the hair. Everyone who makes the decision to start a hair journey does not have to come from a bad hair experience; some people just want to promote healthy hair or to make their hair longer.
If you’re beginning a hair journey, it does not mean you have to go natural. A hair journey is promoting healthy hair either if your hair is relaxed or natural.

I began my hair journey because I never knew how to take care of my hair. I knew what a flat iron was until I was in high school. I really wish that people actually told me not to flat iron my hair all the time because it was damaged. It was actually sad because I went to a technology high school and students who were in Cosmetology never told me that excessive heat use would cause damage. Anyways, my hair was always the same length and never grew. I finally went on YouTube and I got so many HAIR crushes. My first thought was, “I have to get my hair like this!” That’s when I discovered a hair journey.

What were your setbacks? Well, when I decided to do my hair journey, I noticed that my hair was really thin so I transitioned to texlaxed. Texlaxed is when people relax their hair but keep it on their new growth for a short period of time. It’s mainly to keep texture in your hair.
My set backs were chronic dryness, thinning ends, a bald spot, no moisture retention, a lot of shedding and breakage. At times, I actually wanted to give up and there were times where I didn’t do anything to my hair. But, I got motivated again and decided to start all over.
I decided to get a huge trim due to my ends that were thinning. SO, I went from shoulder length back to neck length. Since this cut, my hair is getting back to normal and I decided to take advantage of this time to start all over.

This is a picture of what my hair looks like now. One of the pictures is from my last relaxer when I was growing to my shoulder blade. But, don’t let the picture fool you, my hair needed a trim badly and it was uneven. The other two are from my graduation, the day after my hair cut/trim. Also, make sure you look at my new regimen posted here.

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