Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hair Talk: Twist-Out Fail

Saturday was my mother’s birthday and I decided to wash my hair. You can view my last wash day here.  I’m finally getting on track to moisturize and seal my hair on a daily basis and that’s exactly what I did, late at night. I’m really tired of this pony-puff so I wanted to do another twist-out, hopefully thinking that it would come out right this time. You all know, well, if you’re new to my blog that my hair is shorter in the front and my ends frizz like crazy. But hey, it’s a learning process and I’m doing trial and error with protective styling.

The products that I’m using for my hair are Hollywood Beauty Olive Crème Hairdress, Coconut Oil (Extra-Virgin), Hair Clips, Wide-tooth comb and a lot of duck clips. The first thing that I did was part my hair in four sections and finger-detangled each of them. Starting from the ends, I applied the Olive Crème Hairdress and worked my hair up to my new growth. As I divided the hair within each section, I focused on my new growth to make sure that they’re getting some attention. I then used my wide tooth comb then proceeded with my Denman brush to fully make sure that everything is detangled. My hair was really soft, fluffy but moisturized.

I parted my hair into small to medium sized sections and began twisting. Since my hair does not like to twist at the end, I used duck clips to ensure that the twist do not come out in the middle of the night. Once I was finished with all of the twists, I added ECO Styler Gel Argan Oil (Red Lid) to my edges, lightly brush them and tied my hair up for the night.

In the morning, I was ready and eager to take these twists out. I added coconut oil to my fingers and palms and added them on the twists before taking the out. I slowly un-twist them then untwisted them once more so that I can get a fluffier look.
This was a complete #FAIL My hair was frizzy and you could not tell that all I tried to do a twist-out because it just looked like a big afro. I was so sad and I said forget it. Lol, I don’t know what to do anymore.

If you had this problem, please let me know so that I know I’m not the only one in this predicament. LOL. If you have any solutions, please let me know because I’m tired of this pony-puff .

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  1. Are moisturizing prior to adding product? Trying using the LOC method. Liquid, Oil, and Creme. Water to help put back moisture, oil, and raw shea butter. Try it. It helped me.