Saturday, January 11, 2014

Deep Conditioning Wash Day

I haven’t been giving my hair the TLC like I’ve been supposed to so I have her all the love she needed. I haven’t been moisturizing and sealing everyday  so I noticed that my hair was a little dry and needed some life. I grabbed a few bottles and decided to mix up my own concoction. I’ve been on the search of an actual DC, something that I didn’t have to make myself so until then, I believe that my mix is the winner.
For my mixture, I used my oil mix: Grapeseed Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil and Vitamin E Oil. As for my conditioner, I used Suave Scalp Solutions Anti-Dandruff Conditioner, Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner.
For additional oils, I used Vitamin E Oil and Grapeseed Oil.
I wrapped my hair with Glad Wrap, not loose and not too tight. I then added a plastic cap over my head. I gave my hair all the love she asked for by leaving my DC Mix on for 6 hours & 30 minutes.  I went to take off my cap and plastic wrap and I noticed that my hair really loved it because my hair was steaming and the caps were very warm. Usually my hair would feel crunchy at the front and nape but this time, my hair still had conditioner. I was so happy because this was the first time where my DC didn’t make my hair feel crunchy in the front and back. I used luke warm water that was still on the cold side. I detangled my hair with my Denman Brush and I experienced a lot of slip!!Me and my suitemates got a new shower head and started to dislike it until my hair began to love it. My hair took in all of the moisture that it wanted and felt very soft and puffy. After taking my shower, I rinsed my hair out one more time with water just to make sure that all of the conditioner was rinsed out. I just really loved how my hair was really soft and silky.
I t-shirt dried my hair for 15 minutes then proceeded to add in my leave in, grapeseed oil and African Pride Leave-in Conditioning Cream.
I air dried my hair overnight and experienced something crazy. I detangled my hair and used the scarf method to lay my hair down and tie it up. I woke up the next morning and my hair was so puffy, soft but tangled! I had to part my hair in sections, use my leave-in mix + grapeseed oil then finger detangled. I wanted to cry at how many tangles I had but THANKS to the leave-in mix + grapeseed oil, it was easier to manage.
 Overall, my hair did really good this week! My hair is very soft, no tangles and I’m starting to see a little new growth coming in. I welcome it all.
How Was Your Recent Wash Day?
With Love, Tamara

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