Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Possibilities: Castor Oil Challenge

Castor Oil Challenge:

As you guys should now, I am registered on Hairlista which is a website where Relaxed ladies, natural ladies, transitioners, etc, come together to talk about hair products and all things beauty. On the website, it consists of groups that one can join and I’ve had my eye on the Castor Oil Challenge. I always wanted to join but I couldn’t afford the oil, let alone figure out where to buy it. But finally, I had the opportunity to buy it! You can check the post out here. Or on the blog. Since I’m waaaayyyy far behind on the challenge, I wanted to start on a good start by their challenge but bringing it on to my blog so that people can watch me on this journey.

If you want to try out this challenge, make sure that you fill me in or you can do it on Hairlista. Here is the challenge:

Castor Oil Challenge: 3 Months

Basic: Apply Castor Oil to a clean scalp 1-2 times per week

Advanced: Apply Castor Oil to a clean scalp 2-3 times per week

Ultimate: Apply 5-7 times per week. You must deep condition with 1-2 tsp mixed with your deep conditioner and/or use it to seal your ends.

1.    Must be 100% Castor Oil
2.    Must be applied to a clean scalp
3.    Report any changes to hair
4.    Upload photos
5.    No other growth oils can be used
This challenge was started March 11, 2014. You’re welcome to join at your own time!

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