Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wash Day: A Very Serious Night

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I’m baaaaaaccckkkkkk! I deeply apologize for the delay on blog posts but I honestly had a lot going on in my life. I went back to school for my Bachelor’s Degree and I’ve been struggling with grades since I kept getting sick majority of the times. But with GOD on my side, I managed to get on the Dean’s List for the term. But, lets get back to this hair!

Before Thanksgiving break, I blew out my hair for low maintenance during finals week. I kept the blow out in for 2 weeks straight. And that’s when everything went to Hell. My hair was really oily, it became itchy and on some spots on my scalp there was caked dandruff. But, I kept neglecting my hair because I was really tired. One night I became fed up and ran to the kitchen sink. I did my normal routine but I started crying (lol not really) because my scalp became really sensitive. I needed protein.

After washing my hair, a few days later, I did mini twists so that I can put moisture back into my hair since it felt dry. When I came back to school, I ended up taking them out because they began to look bad and I still had dandruff.  So, I ran in my shower room with my products, tools and began washing my hair.

[1] The first thing that I did was wet my hair and massaged to scalp to lift off any dirt and dandruff that was caked on my scalp. My hair felt so good and didn’t feel weighed down after I applied warm water to my hair. [2] I grabbed Aussie Moist Shampoo because I haven’t used it in a while and I wanted something with sulfate in it so that I know that my hair and scalp is squeaky clean. My hair was in 4 sections while this step was applied.
[3] I then used Aussie Moist Conditioner immediately after shampooing my hair. [5] I then t-shirt dried my hair for a few minutes and my hair felt back to normal. My hair was curly, went back to a fro and just really felt light and fluffy. [6] I used the LOC method using: Aloe Vera Juice + Water Mix; “Shea” Butter and any conditioner. For a style, I just did twists for a twist out.
I massaged it on my scalp, put on a shower cap then proceeded to do my business in the shower. I lightly detangled my hair in the shower which was the longest process because I had so many tangles and knots in my hair that it was ridiculous! Thank GOD that I bought a hair drainer because it was going to be A LOT of hair down the drain.
So, I learned my lesson. I will NOT be blowing out my hair for a very very very long time, I’m going to try to M&S my hair on a daily basis and I’m going to make sure that I keep up with my hair.

Once again, I’m so sorry that I was gone but now I’m back and plus I’m going home next week!!!!!

How was your recent wash day?
The Wash Day Experience

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