Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Hair Regimen

Winter Hair Regimen

Yes, I’m going to try a winter hair regimen! I wanted to try a winter regimen because it’s something new and my hair is drying out. The last time I did mini-twists, I m&s daily using my favorite trio: Water + Shea Butter + Hollywood Beauty Olive Crème Hairdress. That was my all-time favorite trio because it helped my hair to stay moisturized, soft and very manageable. It helped out a lot because I didn’t use a lot of product.  The few weeks that I had them in, my hair has been moisturized very well.

I also realize that when I shampoo and condition my hair using the same name brand, it helps my hair out as well.

I did some research about a winter regimen and everyone says to protect your hair at all cost because the air is really dry which will dry up the hair as well so I wanted to change up my regimen a bit to see if it will help out my dry hair.

This regimen will last from December- February/March:
  • ·      Hot oil treatment: when needed
  • Shampoo session: every 2 weeks
  • DC- 1x a week
  • Protein DC- when needed
  • Co- wash- 1x a week
  • M&S- everyday
  • Scalp Massage- every 3 days

I will mainly focus on keeping my hair hydrated since my hair is always dried out. My main sealant will be Shea butter except during hot oil treatment sessions. I will be using my coconut oil for that. As for dc my hair, my main goal is 1x a week but if I need another session, I will do another.

Have you ever done a winter regimen? Will you start one this year?

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