Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wash Day: Mini Twists

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Whew! I know it’s been a long time since I posted a blog about my wash day. I’m here to explain it all. Here is a post where I talk about why I haven’t posted a Wash Day blog in a while. Trust me, it’s something that you do not want to miss out on. Lol. Okay Tamara, get to the point! I have my hair in mini twists until my relaxer day for low manipulation styles. I’m really trying to get used to it. So far, it has been going great for me! Here is a post where I talk about my hair accomplishments and challenges for this relaxer stretch.

Today is going to be a DC day since I’m going to cleanse my hair Saturday to prep for my hair for my relaxer day. I’m going to post “How I prepare for my relaxer” up soon so please stay posted for it! Can you believe that it has actually been close to 3 weeks since I last cleansed my hair with shampoo? Make sure you check out my last post! The crazy thing about it is that I haven’t experienced any product build-up. But, that will be the maximum time where I will go without washing my hair with shampoo.

Lately I have been watching one of my new Natural ladies on YouTube, Naptural85 on how she maintains her mini twists. There are a lot of videos on how she maintains it so, I’ll just link you to her channel. But, my hair is in need of some moisture so I’m going to add a bit of conditioner. Just to tweak it up a bit.

Products Used: Keep in mind that I only used a bit of conditioner in each section so that it will be easier to rinse out the next morning.
I divided my twists within sections and sprayed my hair with water, added coconut oil then the conditioner. It’s just like how I’ll moisturize and seal my hair but added some plastic wrap and a shower cap so my natural body heat will steam my hair to better moisturize it. This has helped me out a lot since I do not have the money to buy any steamers, although I really want one, especially the Huetiful Steamer. I did decide to leave this on overnight. Sorry that I didn’t have any pictures before I put the shower cap on, it was really late and I just wanted to lay down in bed.

Results: My twists felt really soft. Since I’ve decided to put the mini twists in my hair, it has been taking well to all the moisture I put into yet. I do moisturize and seal my hair 2x a day and it seems to be working well for me!

I rinsed out my hair with cold water since my hair has been steaming overnight and allowing my cuticles to open. I t-shirt dried my hair for 15 minutes and my hair was well moisturized. Comparing it to my other wash days, I made me know that moisturizing and sealing 2x a day really helps my hair out a lot. I proceeded to do the L.O.C method since my hair still had a bit of water on it. I used Water, Shea Butter and Hollywood Beauty Olive Crème. I have been using this trio a lot and it helps to aid into keeping the moisture in my hair.

Since my hair is already styled, I do not have to do anything special to it besides laying down my edges so I’m air drying.

It only took up to two hours for my hair to completely dry.

How was your recent wash day?

The Wash Day Experience

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