Thursday, August 21, 2014

Protective Hair Style: Mini Twists

I couldn’t find ANY protective hairstyles for my hair. A lot of people recommended me to different routes but it seemed as if nothing would work for. I thank everyone who gave me their advice, it really meant a lot to me! I was watching Naptural 85 Mini Twist video and I decided to try it out. And viola! There you have it. This is time consuming but I’m keeping them in until the week of my relaxer. Here is a post where I talk about my hair goal accomplishments and challenges from this stretch.

I started off with 100% Naked Air dried hair OMG! The reason why I haven’t been posting lately because it took me a long time to get the bananas out of my hair from my last wash day which  didn’t post since it was a disaster.

Alright so, I wanted to try out something new which was a banana hair mask. I have used bananas in my hair before so I decided to give it another try since I’m not in school for the summer. So, I blended the banana until it was very smooth, added some honey with some coconut oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil. The mixture had no lumps in it at all. It seemed as if my family did not know me until I decided to start deep conditioning my hair. I was being asked to do a lot of things so I eventually had to deep condition overnight. In the morning, I went to rinse out my hair and I noticed that my hair was dry. I wrapped my hair in plastic wrap and a shower cap for extra protection and it stayed in place during the whole night. I didn’t understand what was going on.
So as I started washing my hair, I felt dry clumps of bananas in my hair. I was so upset that I rinsed out the mixture the best way that I could and then added Renpure Originals Coconut Cream Conditioner to my hair and detangled. As I was trying to air dry, my hair, my father sent me on a quest to do something for him. So, then, my hair was 100% dry and I gave up for the night. I tied my hair up then went to sleep.

Let’s just say that before I began this protective style, it took me a very long time to get the excess dried banana from out of my hair.

Products Used: I decided to use the L.O.C method since my hair had no product in it whatsoever and I wanted that extra moisture.
  • Water
  • “Shea” Butter
  • Hollywood Beauty Olive Crème
I started off into small sections and moisturized and sealed to help me get any more dried bananas out of my hair. This was a very long process for me because I only had time to do it during the night because I help take care of my niece while my sister is at work. This literally took me 3 days to twist. But a lot of people tell me that it looks really nice and this is the only protective style that I have done where it is easy to keep up with and doesn’t unravel throughout the night. I’m thinking that mini twists might become a staple protective style for me until my hair grows or I find something new.

Happy Hair Journey!


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