Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stretching Update

There have been a lot of happiness and some setbacks but I’m still trying to determine to stretch a few more weeks. My hair has been very very dry for the past few days. I don’t understand the cause of it besides the fact that I’ve been sick once again. My hair has been very frizzy as well.

You all should know that it’s fall/winter time so you have to take care of your hair! A few months ago, I learned about the L.O.C. Method which is moisturizing the hair with just liquid, oil and cream. It’s supposed to seal in the moisture in your hair. Recently from the founder of Sunshyne, she introduced the L.C.O. Method which is the Liquid, Cream and Oil method. I tried it out for myself using

-Water –EVOO & Leave-in Cream

My hair was moisturized and feeling fine until the next morning.

My hair was fried!!!!!!!

Take note that none of the products used were protein based.

I’m still going to do research.

Today I DC’d my hair which will be up tonight. (December 12)

My hair will be relaxed by December 22-Jan 1. By that time, I will be 18-19 weeks.


How many weeks do you stretch your relaxers?

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